Alterations to the GONG Building

to the
GONG Building

The aim was to create a contemporary, modern building of a scientific and technological park while respecting the existing construction to the maximum extent possible.

The bulk of the existing house is respected. The projecting roof of the main entrance supported by monumental pillars was replaced with a subtler cantilever beam. The roofs over the rear entrance and the entrance to the offices are designed in the same style. The balconies on the northern facade have been removed, and the overhanging walled railing of the loggias on southern side was replaced with glazing. Using dark gray ceramic cladding, the building is optically divided into a parterre, a number of typical stories with a light facing, and a metal sheet titanium zinc roof. The symmetry of the building is highlighted by the dark gray ceramic coating of the central avant-corps. The windows in the ceramic cladding have lowered stills and, along with the lintel, are tapered. The eastern and western sides are protected against the sun with sliding panels. The facade thus changes during the day. The shelters are clad with titanium zinc. The entrance doors are solid stainless steel in combination with frameless glazing, while the windows are going to be replaced with white or grey plastic ones.