Boarding House in Ludvíkov

in Ludvíkov

A project design presents: "Sports and Leisure Centre with Squash and Climbing Wall in Ludvíkov". The designed complex is situated on site of an existing boarding house in Ludvíkov pod Pradědem. Its accommodation capacity consists in a boarding house with a restaurant. In addition, the complex contains a wellness facility with a pool and various sport facilities, such as squash courts, a gym, a tennis court, a natural climbing wall and a technical base for maintaining cross-country skiing tracks in its surroundings. The area also contains a playground for children.

Both the urbanistic plan and architectural design along with composition of mass and operational structure take full advantage of the site's sloping nature. Conceptually, the design draws on the identity of the place; a steep-sided valley in the middle of a forest. A place, where mixed growths gradually turn into deep coniferous forests. A place filled with inspiring grandeur of the conifers. A pair of two-floor objects with gable walls facing the valley and saddle roofs shielding a fully used loft space and basement emerges from a steep slope in a cascade of stone walls and terraces. Each of the buildings reacts sensitively to its environment and, as it occurs to a distant viewer, naturally complements the panorama of the landscape. A truthful yet modest simplicity, underlined with the use of plaster in the ground floor along with natural materials identical with local sources - especially wood in the gables and stone where the houses touch the ground of a neatly groomed terrain - represents an essential element of the whole designer concept. Another significant feature apparent in the architectural detail of proposed balcony structures is the use of the so-called Teutonic crosses, a prominent motif in terms of visual art. Harmony with the environment is sustained through the choice of colours in the vertically placed wood facing.