Callidus Company Compound


The basic task of the project was to establish a system of a higher principle in a building complex of the compound, which would serve as an organizing element to the plan of development and completion of the compound’s construction. This is to say that an idealized regular planning grid (modular web size approx. 6 x 6 m) was projected onto the area of the compound. The planning grid was designed to suggest an ideal structure and way of construction respecting all the limiting factors and determinants of the construction site – possibilities for entranceways and, in particular, the character and position of the surrounding housing development. The triplet of existing objects was expanded by adding a triplet of new buildings and the traffic within the compound area was newly organized by a clear-cut definition of operational, handling and parking spaces. The conceptual solution of lawn and planting allows maximum saturation in terms of planting new full-grown trees while respecting the surrounding housing development. The position of the new factory building is of prime concern when considered from the architectural and urban development viewpoint. It stands aligned with the frontage line of the Bohumínská Street connecting existing objects A and C. At the same time, the building of the compound's production floor defines a new main entranceway in place of the present brownfield one. The connection of the respective buildings will create an unequivocally distinguished complex of interconnected operational building units. This unified, operational whole is further extended by a set of individual units serving as ancillary facilities for the company’s operations and storage, including an above standard unit providing temporary accommodation and the company’s day care center.