City-planning Study of Opava - Komárov,

City-planning Study
Opava - Komárov
"Kylešovská osada"


The task of the city-planning study is to design optimal spacial and functional arrangement of the area according to the approved city plan of Opava from June 1998, including specifications of the individual sites' entrance ways and a technical infrastructure design. The designed territorial plan respects the existing limits of both the natural and technical characteristics of the respective area and the property relations to the maximum possible extent. At present, the area of Kylešovská Street is partially built up with family houses, while the area of Za Černým mlýnem Street is used as an agricultural land.

City-planning design:
A development of separately standing family houses, public facilities, sport and recreational facilities and public greenery are designed in the area. The area of Kylešovská osada: The designer solution suggests extending the existing communication at the plot No. 1163 and expanding it into a two-way road with a lay-by parking. The existing greenery will be preserved in between the two lanes. The existing communication at the plot No. 1145 will be rebuilt. After the reconstruction, it will close a circuit with the communication at the plot No. 1079 and 1163. There is also a possibility of connecting the communication with the greenery between the gutters. Area Za Černým mlýnem: Here the design suggests a two-way circuit communication with a lay-by parking. The individual family houses are accessible from the one-way communications in the east-western direction.