City-planning Study, Opava - Komárov,

City-planning Study
Opava - Komárov
"Na Prutech" Street


The task of the city-planning study is to design optimal spacial and functional arrangement of the area according to the approved city plan of Opava from June 1998, including specifications of the individual sites' entrance ways and a technical infrastructure design. The designed territorial plan respects the existing limits of both the natural and technical characteristics of the respective area and the property relations to the maximum possible extent. The area is mostly used for agriculture—fields. From the east, the area is lined with a biocorridor together with a watercourse. The sites designated for construction are almost flat with a mild inclination towards the north-east. The sites lack in full-grown verdancy with the exception of a line planting of fruit trees and weedy ligneous plant groves along the watercourse. The genius loci of the area lies mainly in the southern view of the Opavian highlands.

City-planning design:
Transportation-wise, the area is connected to the Podvihovská Street; new communication replacing the existing dirt road is anticipated. A development consisting of 78 separate family houses of a village type, built alongside two-way communications, is planned in the area. A protective stripe of park vegetation is designed to be placed along the compound of the company Zemědělská, a. s. A park with a playground is to be located at the centre of the new development. To balance out the rather flat terrain in terms of composition, we suggest to plant two verticals of poplar trees both along the compound of the company Zemědělská, a. s., and the playgrounds.