City-planning Study Opava - Kylešovice

City-planning Study
Opava - Kylešovice


The task of the city-planning study is to design optimal spacial and functional arrangement of the area according to the approved city plan of Opava from June 1998. The area is practically mono-functional. The area in question primarily consists of gardens and allotments together with agricultural land (meadows) and few family houses. The sites intended for construction are inclined towards the south with a distinctive terrain edge at the border. The sites lack in full-grown vegetation with the exception of fruit trees in the gardens. Some of the plots contain small garden cottages.

City-planning design:
The existing family house urban-styled development will be complemented with family houses built along the extended line of Úvoz Street and two low-rise residential buildings. A strip of protective greenery is designed to run along a railway and the anticipated communication, a connecting link between the Těšínská and Hradecká Street, as a part of a system of noise barriers eliminating the negative impacts of railways and car transportation.