Completion of the Hlučín City Hall

of the
Hlučín City Hall

2003; project design; planning permit; building permit documentation; project implementation

The completion project comprehends three mutually permeating bulks, adjusted with regard to the elevation level of the surrounding development. One of them forms a somewhat higher dominant vertical, facing a square, which accentuates the entrance to the entire complex of the City Hall. Its concise design allows the visual and spacial accents of the neighbouring building to stand out.

The object itself is a four-floor building built on a trapezoidal ground plan, without a cellar and topped with a flat roof. The elevation of individual floors varies.
The exterior design reflects a graphical concept employing variations of different materials and structures connected to the individual functions of the respective blocks. It combines diverse features such as large-scale glazing and visible supporting structure and large protruding wooden grit along with clinker brick wall facing.

The project's architectural concept further develops the dynamic principles embedded in the building's frontage.