Condominium Hýlov


Project Condominium encompasses a construction of multifunctional buildings with accommodation capacity, housing developments and duplexes. The aim was to create conditions for a harmonious development in the area which would take maximum account of the property rights, the existing development, the communications and the present layout of the underground services. The area is located at the elevated position on the western border of the Klimkovice land registry, at the edge of a forest mass. Compared to the surrounding non-urbanized area, the location is rather exposed. Seen from a distance, the local development will therefore compose a part of the urban skyline not only when observed from inside the city, but also from the surrounding hills (e.g. Mezihoří, 382 m.s.l., located on a bank at the opposing northern side of the area). The main goal of the urban development project is therefore not only to achieve the new development's harmonious integration into the landscape, urban and architectural context of the city and its surroundings, but also to introduce new architectural and city planning values.