Extension of the Compound and the New Showroom of the HOBIS Company

Extension of the Compound and the New Showroom of the HOBIS Company

The showroom is designed as an extension of existing administrative building. It symbolizes a snake—strength and health. The snake slithers from the existing parking place and then rises above the rooftop of the existing object. Exhibition premises rise in a modularly extensible way like the individual product lines of the company. As the client ascends through the exhibition premises, the exhibited product lines rise in quality. The top product line will be displayed in the head of the snake, visible to the naked eye when viewed from the Olomoucká Street. The exhibition premises open inward. Only a part of the exhibits shows itself to onlookers from Olomoucká Street, insinuating, inducing curiosity and inviting to enter. The southern oriented bulk shades the northern part's glazed façade and thus prevents it from overheating. The object is intended to function mainly as an exhibition ground for presentation of model office furniture product lines. The public entrance is designed to lead from the existing parking space, located at the south-western side of the building. The north-western part contains a conference room, accessible from the floor below. The facilities are located between the conference room and the exhibition premises.

Feng Shui:
The layout was designed according to the cardinal points and with regard to the energy flows. At the entrance, there is a flowing water underneath a glazed floor. The interior atrium contains a lawn, whose grass "prevents" blowing underneath the object. A rotational metal pylon is to be placed in the gravitational centre of the building, represented by the atrium. The conference room gets abundant light through the lights installed at its top and the rooftop skylights which can be opened at will. The entrance is located at the energy sector A2, the highest furniture product lines will be put on display at the energy sector AA and the space for negotiating contracts in the showroom together with a reading desk in the conference room are in the energy sector A3.