Brief Summary / Identification

ATELIER 38 s.r.o.

is an architectural and design studio. In 2000, a loose association Atelier 38 transformed itself into the existing limited liability company. We focus on teamwork, realization of contracts using both classic and alternative technologies, continuous education and development in state-of-the-art procedures and trends in our field of expertise including respecting the ecological aspects. We cooperate with a number of experts in technical infrastructure design, technical provisions of constructions, statics and others.

Company Representatives

Vladimír Milata
Executive Director

Ing. arch. Jan Zelinka
Registered Architect ČKA 04 051

Ing. arch. Tomáš Bindr
Registered Architect ČKA 04 050

Silvie Víchová
Manager of the Company

Ing. Luděk Valík
Registered Construction Engineer- ČKAIT incorporated under the number 1102452


ATELIER 38 s.r.o., Porážková 1424/20,
702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava


ATELIER 38 s.r.o., Solná 35/13, 746 01 Opava

Legal Form

Limited liability company.
The company is registered in a register of companies incorporated under the Regional Court in Ostrava, section C, entry 22647, included on 13 June 2000.

Company Identification Numbe

25 85 83 43

Tax Identification Number


Registered Capital

120.000,- Kč/CZK

Brief Biography / Copyright

To satisfy a quizzical reader, we would like to explain a bit on the history of Atelier 38 and also answer the often repeated question inquiring about the number in the name of the company. The number 38 stands for the number of a classroom at the Faculty of Architecture of the Brno University of Technology, where the founder members of Atelier 38 spent a great portion of their undoubtedly happy student years. At the time when the then loose association was changing into a limited liability company, "Papa" was 38 years old and Luděk Valík was orienteering in a dress with the exact same number. And that is the tale... ( you sure do feel the magic of it, right? ). The purpose of the following chronological account of people connected with Atelier 38 is to enable anyone interested to find out authors of the individual projects, which are available listed in a chronological order at the link References.

2015   Ukončili jsme po létech nájem štábu na ulici Husova 9 a přestěhovali jej na ulici Porážková 1424/20. Chystáme oslavy patnáctého výročí založení firmy. Pracujeme...
2014   Ing. arch. Pavlína Harazimová odchází na mateřskou dovolenou se synem Janem, přichází ing. arch. Zuzana Tomaňová a ing. Jan Balcar.
2013   Ing. Lenka Štenclová left for a working stay in Spain.
2012   The design studio section of the company moved from its previous address at Dolní náměstí in Opava to bigger premises at Solná Street. Ing. arch. Lucie Mohylová left on a maternity leave. We wish her and her offspring all the best!
2011   Ing. Radek Pauler and Ing. Lenka Štenclová appeared on the scene. We are many.
2010   The perpetual student Ondra Mlčoch left for other happy designing grounds. The arrival of Ing. arch. Pavlína Harazimová lowered the age average of our team.
2009   We worked harder.
2008   We worked hard.
2007   Lucie Zillichová turned herself into a graduate architect and returned to Atelier 38. Ing. arch. David Wittassek sold his business interest and ceased to be a partner at ATELIER 38. Michal Výtisk, a fresh civil engineer extended our team. In autumn, we welcomed back a construction technician and perpetual student, Ondra Mlčoch.
2006   At the beginning of the year, Bc. Lucie Zillichová came for a half-year internship from the Faculty of Architecture of VUT Brno. Ing. arch. Anna Habartová also joined in for a brief stint before her duty in Switzerland and a student of architecture from Liberec, Zuzana Halfarová, came for another internship. Our temporary worker, Vojtěch Šimčík, graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Ostrava.
2005   In autumn, Ing. Míra Krejčí left. The toughened team welcomed a new member, Ing. Tomáš Mička and things came full circle... :-)
2004   We worked hard.
2003   In January, Ing. arch. Tomáš Bindr joined our ranks and the company's make-up is henceforth as stated under the link Contacts.
2002   In November, Ing. arch. David Wittassek left the company to found his own, atelier wittassek. Our temporary worker, Vojtěch Šimčík, graduated from high school.
2001   Company's civil engineering department was again extended with the arrival of Ing. Míra Krejčí.
2000   It was decided to found a legal person under the name ATELIER 38 s.r.o.. This step was confirmed by company's subsequent registration under the Regional Court in Ostrava, on 13 June. Founder members were Vladimír Milata, Ing. arch. Jan Zelinka and Ing. arch. David Wittassek. Special thanks are due to Silvie Víchová for providing moral support.
1999   Luděk Valík, a construction engineer, joined in, extending the civil engineering section of the association.
1998   Ing. arch. David Lédl left Opava for his current engagement at Chapman Tailor International Services s.r.o. in Prague. Ing. Marek Raida stayed in the city and founded his own company, which is today known as 3AD arquitectonica s.r.o.
1997   Silvie Víchová began to cooperate on some of the realizations and Vladimír Milata also appeared in sight.
1996   After completing miscellaneous civilian and other services, Ing. arch. Jan Zelinka and Ing. arch. David Lédl registered a loose association under the brand Atelier 38. After couple months, the team was joined by Ing. arch. David Wittassek and Ing. Marek Raida.