Family House in Jindřichov ve Slezsku

Jindřichov ve Slezsku

The project's volumetric design strictly abides by the principles embedded in the existing family house. In principle, the house is composed of a main one-storey bulk built on a rectangular ground plan and topped with a saddle roof. The main object is complemented with a smaller, similarly conceived bulk of a farm building—garage. A distinctive architectural feature is represented in a receding living room space of the first above-ground floor and creation of a sheltered terrace. Similar features, i.e. the use of prominently receding structures, has been employed in the design of residential rooms' windows, which introduced distinctive plasticity into otherwise concise bulk of the object. The detail is defined by a combination of smoothly plastered façade with wooden facing and employed shading technology in the form of wooden sliding panels.

The exterior design reacts to current trends in architecture and incorporates contrasting principles through various combination of individual materials and structures. The defining means of expression are the concise structure of the house and the modest colours used in its exterior. A special role in the designer concept is enacted by the window design of the residential rooms. The windows are inlaid deep into the disposition and in combination with the sliding wooden panels thus create the characteristic exterior of the family house.

The defining feature of the interior is the open layout of the living room in the first above-ground floor with a visual connection established along the longitudinal axis of the object. A gallery above the dinning room represents another distinctive feature, opening the first above-ground floor into the attic space.