Family House in Opava — Jaktař

in Opava — Jaktař

The house consists of two main bulks: the ground, wooden living room area and the two-story, brick upper part containing the bedrooms. The bulks are extended with a wooden pergola of the bike shed and the pergola of the residential terrace with a whirlpool. All bulks of the family house are “serried”, framed by protruding stone walls.

The supporting structure of the walls consists of a wooden planks sheathed with OSB boards. The pasted beams of the roof supporting structure are partially visible in the interior. The exterior of the wooden construction is clad with wood, while the interior cladding consists of protruding plasterboard walls in combination with stone coating. The kitchen and the living room, which is connected to the terrace, are laid along the north-south axis of the first above-ground floor. This operational axis is connected to parents’ premises with sanitary facilities, a dressing room and a bathroom with a built-in sauna. The second above-ground storey contains the childrens’ rooms with their own sanitary facilities.

Stavba Moravskoslezského kraje 2009 ( Building of the Moravian-Silesian Region Award 2009 ) — honorable mention in the “Family House” category.