Family House in Opava - Kateřinky

in Opava - Kateřinky

The task was to design a valuable housing with visual and operational connection to the exterior while using minimal means of expression. Designer concept of the house promotes natural materials and uses three-layered AGROP solid wooden boards.

The composition is formed by a few bulks "arranged" in a garden. The main bulk of a "wooden pontoon with a visor" floats over wooden pillars above residential premises. The car and tool storage room is built from stone. Residential space below the pontoon expands into a garden with a stone line of a wine cellar, wooden bathroom plateau for body cleansing and a steel-cold winter garden cooler.

The house is predominantly a single-storey building with a flat roof. The second floor, covered with an aisle roof, offers a south-oriented view on the Opavian highlands.
From its northern entranceway, the house appears closed up almost like a fortress. In accord with its somewhat archaic concept, the entrance itself leads through a "hole"—"gateway" in a stone wall. Contrasting with its stern northern side, the house opens towards the west and south with glazed walls facing a private garden.