Family House in Ostrava - Plesná

in Ostrava - Plesná

The family house is designed as a one-storey building with a flat roof. The building is composed of three prisms - two of them connect to form the family house itself and one remains separate, functioning as a garage. The interconnection of all the bulks is complemented by a spacious terrace.
The character of the terrain allows sinking the family house partly into the ground, which is stands out especially when looking at the building from its north-eastern entranceway. Southward, the structure partly rises above the terrain level with a protruding terrace cantilever.

At its horizontal level, the bulk of the house is split into several operational units while still maintaining its signature compactness, underlined with a spacious terrace, which complements the entire composition forming a ground plan of a "vibrant" square. The overall expression is defined by a set of concise white bulks combined with embossed brick coating stripes and wooden flooring of the terrace. Simple, almost ascetic expression is balanced using natural materials with a prominent structure - such as brick and wood -and through the integration of full-grown trees into the spacial concept of the house.

Defining features of the interior include an open layout of the living room and the distinctive coloured kitchen block, permeation of exterior materials into the inside area of the building and a composition of diverse loopholes and openings layered along the communication axes of the house.