Family House in Šternberk

in Šternberk

The LaConic House

The LaConic House is located on the outskirts of Šternberk, at the edge of the Haná flatland in the direction of Litovel. It is one of the first houses to emerge from the greenery of a former garden colony. It meets the regulations set forth by the town’s urban plan at all points, just like the fledgling “entrepreneurial baroque” houses in its vicinity. The house turns its back to the driveway leading to Litovel on its north side and opens up into a southward-facing garden. The color of the façade responds to the ubiquitous greenery. Due to the climbing and gardening hobbies of the owner, the interior rooms are arranged along two vertical spaces, the entrance area and the living room. A practice climbing wall is anticipated at the highest point of the northern facade. The lower floor serves for family gatherings and contains the parents’ bedroom. The second floor could be called the childrens’ floor. The top of the third above-ground storey contains the owner’s “control room”. The house is heated by a heat pump combined with heat recovery ventilation.