Family House in Třešňová, Opava — Kylešovice

in Třešňová
Opava — Kylešovice

The aim was to use minimal means of expression to create a valuable housing with both the visual and functional binding to the exterior, taking advantage of the potential that the site provides.
The house is located in the northern part of the plot, with the residential rooms oriented into the garden to the south.

A simple composition is made up of several bulks. The dynamics of the house stems from the vertical gradient of the bulks, rising from a single-storey warehouse through a two-storey prism of the main house up to the covered rooftop terrace.
Contrasting with the object’s ascetic, fortress-like impression, given by its northern side, the house opens up towards the garden. From the south and the west, the house’s two-storey bulk is accentuated by the sheltered parking gradually changing into the sheltered terrace. The roof overhang on the south side is 1, 5 m above the ground floor. This ensures that, when the summer solstice comes, the glass southern wall will remain in shadow and no overheating will occur.

The visual impression of the individual parts of the house is shaped by two materials — the ThermoWood and CETRIS boards.
The layout was adjusted to the individual needs and habits of the family and also considering its orientation to the cardinal directions.
The house itself is divided into a social area in the first above-ground storey and a resting second above-ground storey.