Family house Pustá Polom

Pustá Polom

The house is designed as a one-storey building with a slightly inclined hipped roof. The compact bulk of the house gives an impression of a polyhedral crystal. Inclined terraces, which seem as if "bitten out" of the house while strengthening the connection between the house and the surrounding exterior, represent a distinctive architectonic feature. The house communicates with all the cardinal points through a number of glazed surfaces.

The main characteristic feature of the building consists in the use of a single facing material (slate) on both the rooftop and the walls. This natural material creates a perfect harmony with the concise conception of the entire house. Roofed terraces differ in the range of applied materials, being covered in wooden facing. Shading or complete covering of the terraces can be achieved using outdoor folding wooden panels.

Colour-wise, the interior is designed in light shades, which creates an interesting contrast with the grey bulk of the house's exterior. A confession in the form of the uncovered inclined soffits in the living room represents a distinctive momentum as it allows certain features of the house's crystal structure stand out in the interior as well.