Family House with a Doctor’s Office in Opava-Kylešovice

with a Doctor’s Office
in Opava-Kylešovice

The house’s three principal masses differ in their function and used materials. At the street entrance level, there is a single-storey bulk of a garage clad with a brick band and a single-storey office space with a parking place coated in cembonite slabs. The configuration of the terrain allows the sinking of the northern parts of the bulks into the slope and thus creates a natural division between the public space and the private part on the first floor. The two lower masses “serry” the one-flight outdoor access staircase, leading into the residential part of the house. The house’s residential units are placed in a partially double-deck prism, which is set on another prism containing the office space. All the living areas have a direct connection to either the terrain or the rooftop terrace, including the shower in the top floor, which opens to the vistas through a rear glass wall. From this plastered “residential” prism, the single-sloped mass of the cembonite-clad staircase “projects” to the east.

The house meets the low-energy standard; heating is provided by an earth-water heat pump.


Stavba Moravskoslezského kraje 2008 ( Building of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2008 Award ) – the Grand Prize in the “Family House” category.