Hotel with a Restaurant - Velehrad

a Restaurant

A project study of a new hotel with a restaurant in the centre of Velehrad.
The object is situated in a near proximity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary complex, consisting of a monastery and a basilica.Layout of building's mass is based on the different functional purposes of the object. The accommodation part with a gabled roof stretches towards the basilica.

The ground floor level consists of a prominent base supporting the central part of the object's vertical communication space. Major portion of hotel's accommodation capacity is situated in a linear block, lining the eastern border of the plot and, from the west, copying the shape of the existing object of a shopping mall. A significant portion of the building is situated below the terrain level. Hotel's bowels hide a wedge of an open outdoor space. At the first floor level, the wedge appears as an atrium accessible from restaurant premises. Exterior design of the object reflects contemporary trends in architecture based on the use of contrasts through combination of various materials and structures. Façade of the front part of the accommodation section is plastered in white. A red saddle roof further accentuates the overall design. The linear rear wing of the accommodation section is in dark-grey shade of cembonite as well as the main entrance section. A concrete flight of stairs offers opportunity to play with the façade through sliding wooden panels. Demonstrated moderation in material and design choices is also apparent in building's interior with major portion painted in white, contrasting with the concrete surface of the stairways. Arched space of the restaurant/salon has a traditional design using exposed brickwork in combination with plaster. Similarly, design elements of the basement wine-cellar also contain barrel vault with exposed brickwork.