Meat Processing Plant V + W, sr.o.

Meat Processing Plant
V + W, sr.o.

2004; project design; documentation for planning permission, documentation for building permission; project implementation

A separately standing object of a high-capacity meat processing plant of the V+W s.r.o. is a partially two-storey hall built on a rectangular ground plan and covered with a pent roof. The building has no cellar.

The object's form is adjusted to serve its operational and functional purposes. The front — entrance — façade contains bared pillars of the ferroconcrete structure, painted in company's red livery.

Both the side gable walls and the "attic" of the front-entrance façade have the outer side of their ferroconcrete structure sheathed in horizontally placed, thermally insulating polyurethane sandwich panels in a shade of silver. The windows and doors are made of white plastic. The layout respects the European Union's operational, normative, veterinary and hygienic regulations regarding high-capacity meat processing plants.