Reconstruction of the National Cultural Monument in Hradec nad Moravicí. The reconstruction was carried out on the basis of our project.

BRICK AWARD 2012 - 2013, Special Award

Atelier 38 has been awarded a special award - Cena stavebního inženýrství a.s. (Civil Engineering Award PLC) and the award of the programme Porotherm dům Wienerberger (Porotherm House Wienerberger Programme) - for the project of a family house in Slavkov u Opavy.

Our project of a new family house in Slavkov has been awarded the J. M. Olbrich Award honouring a new building realized between the years 2011 - 2012.

The Opavian J. M. Olbrich Award has been awarded by the citizens' association Za Opavu (For Opava) since 2007. Awarded projects include both new buildings and reconstructions implemented in a given year in the Opava District.
The awards for new buildings and reconstructions are on a bi-annual rotation.Atelier 38 has been awarded for the third time.

The main purpose of the Opavian award is to accentuate the role of architecture in life of both the individual and society, and to promote further debate, cultivate taste as well as stimulate inspiring confrontations. The J. M. Olbrich Award aims to draw public attention to interesting examples of Opavian architecture and acknowledge the best of them.

Commentary of the evaluation council:
"The single storey family house is located at both the remotest and highest-placed part of a plot characterized by a mildly rolling terrain. The placement further sets off the dynamic silhouette of the building, responding nicely to the terrain's gradient - garage and entrances are located at the lower level of the slope while, at its top part, there is a terrace opening at the lawn level. The building has an elegant shape resulting from a mild yet efficacious asymmetry of the roof line and lightening of a portion of the building's mass by a console responding to terrain variations. An atrium - a courtyard, from three quarters surrounded by glass walls of residential space - represents a significant and interesting element of the building. Besides forming the house's communication backbone, the atrium also doubles as an additional residential space - a well-protected one and, at the same time, offering a splendid view into the surrounding landscape. The combination of a terracotta facade and a larch facing harmonizes with the colour of surrounding fields and nature. The evaluation council highly appreciates the harmonious and atypical composition, efficacious combination of exterior and interior as well as the conscious attitude of the investor along with his model approach to cooperation with the architect."

Ceremonial Opening of the GONG Object, Poděbradova, Moravská Ostrava

On 7 February, Atelier 38 was invited to attend the ceremonial gallery opening, which took place in the attic of one of our realized projects, the GONG building, at Poděbradova Street in the city centre.The opening of the restaurant MA´MA in the ground floor of the building was also a part of the event.

Dignified Opening of New Exhibition Area.
First exhibition in the new gallery premises has presented the works of two highly regarded artists, both excellent in their respective fields: the sculptor, medal designer and academic Jan Hendrych, who ranks among the top representatives of Czech plastic art of the second half of the twentieth century; and the tireless landscapist with a distinctive painting technique František Hodonský. "Even at a first glance, the sculptures of Jan Hendrych possess striking physical quality. They are cases bearing all the traces and wounds that embody the age-old story of human struggle. The resolute and even dramatic modeling of their surface maps diverse ways through which we orientate ourselves in our lives using sense and instincts, sight and touch, our history and even the present...", Richard Drury, an art theorist, says of Hendrych's works. He further adds that "the visual expression of František Hodonský is rich in both colours and structures. The primary inspiration in his work is neither water nor earth, but bottomland landscape, where the divide between the elements of earth and water constantly changes and thus redefines their relationship."


At the end of 2012, the KANT Publishing House issued the book of Ján Stempel titled 99 (Good) HOMES.

To our great delight, the book includes three of our realized projects, family houses located in Ostrava - Heřmanice, Osoblaha and Šternberk.

As the author states in the introduction to his book:
"Architecture should not provoke at any cost, however, on the other hand, it surely should not let people remain disinterested. A good architect approaches each project with a good deal of humility and respect to a given place and client's needs. He does not attempt to design forms that are outright controversial. The principle rule, which a reasonable architect follows, is to make reasonable houses."

The book was launched on 22 November 2012 at 18:00, at the hall of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University at Prague, Thákurova 9, Praha 6 - Dejvice, with the attendance of Prof. Miroslav Masák and Prof. Ladislav Lábus, among others.

Advertisement Image - Hole 19

The recumbent model is a student of dentistry Kengi, the printed golf ball is Callaway. The man behind the camera (Mamiya 67 + KODAK Eastman Tri-X 400) was Vladimír Milata – “Papa” of the firm.