Penzion IV (Boarding Home IV), Hálkova Street, Opava

Boarding Home IV
Hálkova Street

The object of a boarding home for the elderly is situated on the edge of a site adjoining to an anticipated arched residential block. Together with existing residential houses and a boiler house (with anticipated extension) at Hálkova Street, the object of a boarding home creates a square front space - a solid point in the otherwise chaotic structure of the site.

Despite the object marks an edge of the existing housing development in the area, it does not imply need for further urban extensions in a form of an additional housing block. To the contrary, in a direction toward Rolnická Street, the design enables extensions in a form of both terraced and detached housing. In case the arched residential building will not be realized, the boarding home may remain as a solitaire with unrealized adjoining trapezoidal bay.A part of the site left unbuilt on is used as a semi-public and private space in a form of a garden.

The overall concept is both rational and economic.

The three-winged part with six floors and a central corridor enables potential additional module extensions. Both a two-flight stairway and an elevator are available providing a short distance access to the residential units.Regarding the site is located in a flood zone, the flats are placed half-floor above the existing terrain level. The part of the terrain where insolation is an issue contains entrances and a lounge with a clear height of 1.5 floors. Six floors and five bays altogether contain fifty one apartments with maximum required useful area of 40 m2. The sixth trapezoidal bay adjoining to the potential arched residential building contains 5 studios with useful area of 34 m2. Façade is designed as maintenance free with facing masonry, typical for Silesian Gothic style. The facing masonry permeates from façades into interior where it is interrupted with wooden niches framing apartment doorway. Thus created corners represent a significant architectural element used also in building's exterior in the form of wooden enclosed balconies, which will be equipped with folding shuffle glazing.