Poruba Gallery


The design's main characteristic is a multi-purpose use. A convenient combination of diverse amenities - a café, a fitness in a form of a multifunctional hall, a medical facility (TCM), commercial premises and administration - guarantees the object will attract customers from morning to late night hours.

The design aims at a complex revitalization of the object, beginning with its overall aesthetic improvement and following with an optimization of its functional use with a positive effect on its immediate surroundings. The layout design reflects the demand for multifunctional use of the building. Suggested modifications create a background for various facilities while respecting original purpose of the object - a community centre of broader significance.

A new bearer of local cultural tradition is an "art" café with a peculiarly mystical capacity of 38 places, equipped with a piano and a small summer terrace. Layout of the café enables organization of various cultural and social events - from exhibitions to recitals, author readings, film projections, presentations and parties. Its base comprises of a pantry (equipped for preparation of light meals) opening to a bar, glassware, personnel facilities and sanitary facilities for customers.

The café shares entrance with the administrative part of the building, which consists of a spacious office equipped with a sanitary facility of its own and a smaller study/office with toilets available in a corridor.

A significant portion of building's ground plan is taken up by a fitness centre, which is designed as licensed (Contours) and for women only, including the personnel. The changing room, toilets and showers are adjusted to this purpose. The fitness space itself is divided into three functionally different zones - an entrance hall with a reception counter and a small bar, a theoretical and consulting zone and a trainer's office. Arrangement of a fitness gym is based on a licensed system (Contours) complemented with a room for warming up exercises and stretching.