Reconstruction of a Converter Station in Opava

a Converter Station

The architectural design targets a reconstruction of a converter station, building of a "box" for a historical tram and reinforcement of the courtyard area adjoining the object of Divadelní klub (Theatre Club).

The object of the converter station from 1929 is a real estate listed as national cultural heritage no. 3079 and had served its purpose until 1984.

The converter station was built in a corner of a courtyard. After the Second World War, the surrounding objects were redeveloped, leaving the converter station as a solitary object.

A part of the assignment was to design an object for the installation of a historical tram between the converter station and Almužnická Street. The design proposes a simple object made whole of glass and measuring 9 m in length, 4 m in width and 6.8 m in height, shielded with a flat roof.

The roof will serve as a placement for photovoltaic island system of collectors, which will supply the servomotors.