Reconstruction of Administrative Building, Růžová Street, Opava

of Administrative Building
Růžová Street

Project Design, Documentation for Planning Permission, Detailed Design, 1999

The building is located at the historical center of Opava, at the intersection of the Růžová Street and U Pošty Street. The former rental house was rebuilt at the onset of the 20th century by its owner, J. J. Olbrich. J. M. Olbrich, an architect, probably also participated in the reconstruction of his father’s property.

The investor ordered the design and implementation of the up-to-date office premises which would use standard materials while preserving the original object to the maximum possible extent. The architectonic solution of the building’s exterior respects its original form, which has been extended through a set of newly implemented structures – a glass-walled elevator shaft and a ground floor shop window of a separate public facility operational unit (nowadays, it serves as an eBanka Client Center). The remaining floors of the superstructure contain rental offices including the investor’s company headquarters. The basement of the building comprises of the object’s technical and relaxation facilities. The main entrances of the building are shielded with a glass marquee.