Reconstruction of Historical Building in Opava, 38 Ostrožná Street

Historical Building
Opava, 38 Ostrožná Street

2003; project design; building permit documentation; project implementation

A reconstruction of an existing object listed among the National Cultural Heritage of the Czech Republic.
The town house dates back to the Middle Ages. The front part's ground floor perimeter walls are probably medieval. The cellars were arched later on, and the ground floor vaults were added during the following Renaissance stage of construction. At the beginning of the 17th century, the house already had two-storeys, at least at its front part. The rear wing was added during the house's reconstruction after it burned down in the great fire of Opava in 1689.

Before the onset of the of the present-day reconstruction, the rear wing had been found to be strongly structurally unstable and its demolition and replacement had to be incorporated into reconstruction plans.

The project documentation was processed in accordance with the requirements posed by the National Heritage Institute in Ostrava.