Residential Building Rybíz Opava


The architectural design of a new residential building in Opava balances modern architecture with a traditional body of residential buildings in the area. The new building is to fill a vacant site between a classic-styled apartment block and one built in modern style. The south-oriented part of the site faces the main road. Terrain of the site is flat. A public space in front of the building contains a public transportation stop.The designed layout of building's mass aims at reflecting the proportional principles appearing in the surrounding residential housing development. The building itself is essentially a five-storey bulk built on a rectangular ground plan whose unified look is interrupted with a stripe of glass lining the front of the ground floor. The left part of the last floor (containing one residential unit) is rotated against its right part (containing three residential units). The mass of the whole object thus partially recedes bringing forth a corner "tower". Visually, the building corresponds with both the line formed by regularly placed windows of the adjacent building and the corner tower of a neighbouring classic apartment house.

Design of building's exterior reflects contemporary trends in architecture and uses contrast achieved through varied combinations of individual materials and structures. From a close-up, the determining contrast rests on a combination of a light façade and dark windows. Mildly contrasting irregularities are achieved different colour shades of window glass. The interior is defined by open plan residential units. Central placement of apartments' operational zones represents another distinctive feature of spatial layout of individual residential units. The remaining rooms are organized around the operational zones, which are designed as a walk-through space, forming the core of each of the apartments. The space of the residential units seems open, however, a set of sliding doors designed to fit both the height and width of a unit's corridor secures privacy of its residents at will.