Residential Buildings Ostrava - Poruba

Ostrava - Poruba

New Poruba

New Poruba is a complex consisting of three residential buildings with underground garages and other facilities.
The architectural design of the residential objects relies particularly on a characteristic parterre layout, bringing forth the identity of the place. The ground floor, bearing a block of residential floors, contains a number of public facilities. The simple cubes of the residential houses with linearly arranged windows have their middle part interrupted with receding and slightly elevated bulk containing above-standard maisonettes, faced with cembonite blocks in a natural shade of grey. The courtyard-facing façades are more dissected and horizontally "cut" by lines of continuous balconies, which at the side and street-facing façades change into continuous cornices. The courtyard-oriented walls further bear a number of separate balconies arranged in order for each flat to access one of its own. The cornices, continuous balconies and entrances are all designed in a shade of orange. The horizontally "cut" façades are faced in grey cembonite blocks and wood. The upper part of each building is plastered. These facing materials with a natural gradient are complemented with protruding gabion parterre walls, which also serve as a measure preventing graffiti sprays.

Stavba Moravskoslezského kraje 2008 ( Building of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2008 Award ) — First Prize in the "Residential Houses" category.