Residential Complex Na Zahrádce - Opava Kylešovice

Na Zahrádce - Opava Kylešovice

Project design of a complex of residential houses intended for construction within a new suburban development at the outskirts of Opava. The site is currently used for agricultural purposes and encompasses fields and meadows. The southern border of the site is lined with a watercourse bio-corridor - the so-called Otický příkop ("Otice Trench").Plots intended for residential development are almost flat with a mild southward inclination. There is almost no full-grown greenery except for the one lining the watercourse and a line of trees along the cart track, leading to Na Horní hrázi Street ("At the Upper Barrage Street"). A genius locus of the site lies mostly in a panoramic view of the Opavian Downs (Opavská pahorkatina) available from its southern part, and the potential of the greenery in the adjoining lands. In future, the site is intended as one of the entrance premises leading to a newly built recreational zone, which is set for construction after the exhaustion of a nearby gravel pit.