Smart Industry Park Ostrava - Bartovice

Industry Park
Ostrava - Bartovice

2005, Project Design, Documentation for Planning Permission, Detailed Design

The entire compound is designed as a self-contained unit with an inside ring road and a handling yard. The preserved, reconstructed object SO 01 remains in the central position. Reinforced concrete halls, lagged by a thermally insulated PUR (polyurethane) panel, will be interconnected at the consequent stages of construction in a structure following the line of the compound's perimeter. The halls are intended for production, assembling and storage purposes. The administration building is designed as a separate object located in an exposed position of the compound’s northern corner.

Related objects include a construction of a compound's new transformer station, a gas and water connection, a sewage system and a rainwater drainage leading into a nearby watercourse.

The compound's future development anticipates a construction of a second handling yard and other related production objects, adjacent to the eastern border of the existing compound.