Weekend House in the Osoblažsko Region

in the
Osoblažsko Region

The Osoblažsko Region in North Moravia is the poorest region of the Czech Republic, connected to the outside world by the single umbilical cord of a narrow gauge railroad. A god - forgotten territory of outbuildings and barns.

The concept of the weekend house-barn is based on the principles and semantic characteristics of this vernacular architecture.
Stone pillars, behind which lies the main part of the house, define the airy residential spaces.

The residential presmises open vertically into a bared truss and horizontally, after sliding the wooden “barn doors” apart, connect both sides of the exterior.

Landscape is thus allowed to pass freely through the house... Moving through the house in the longitudinal direction has a certain rhythmic feel due to the indirectly lit spaces of its main part being regularly interspersed with vertically lit areas. Compression and decompression... Natural materials are used in the structures of both the exterior and interior. Burnt clay, stone, and wood with prominent metal anchoring elements.

The house itself is build from Porotherm brick, the ceiling and the truss are wooden. The roofing is slate, laid on PUR paneling.

The Wienerberg Brick Industry, a. s., prize­­—POROTHERM HOUSE 2009
Nominated by the Academy of Architecture to participate in the GRAND PRIX OF ARCHITECTS 2009
Stavba Moravskoslezského kraje 2008 ( Building of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2008 Award ) — Jury Prize with other special value.