Residential buildings

residential area

Author: Tomáš Bindr, Petra Bláhová Kandusová, Mirka Baklíková, Pavlína Harazimová,
Status: project
Project year: 2020
Size (HPP): 31,380 m2


The development creates a place with a clear focus, identity and memorability within the surrounding loose housing structure from the 1960s.

The individual houses are carefully arranged and shaped in such a way as to create public and semi-public spaces between them. These visually close when passing through and open into internal piazzettas with shops and cafes or into community spaces with abundant urban greenery and clusters of activities for children, young people doing sports or with benches for sitting and relaxing. The development also respects the current use of the land, communications start from already trodden paths in the green...

The location of the student housing with a one-way oriented corridor will also help to screen the facade of the neighboring Kaufland. It is assumed that the boundary space between the two objects will be shared and that it will be completed by a creative student subculture.

Projection: Ing. arch. Martin Struhala, Ing. arch. Hana Staňková, Ing. Lukáš Onderka, Ing. Lenka Ščupáková, Ing. Petr Veselovský, Ing. Petr Matějek, Ing. Ivo Penn


Nová obytná čtvrť, která vznikne v lokalitě Polská - Mongolská, je pro Ostravu velká příležitost.