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What is essential?
Capturing the uniqueness of place and space?
The individuality of the client we are designing for?
...the space?
...the responsibility for a decision that is only evaluated in time?

Real art is in the exploration of questions.
The size of the answer depends on the depth of the question.
We find the answers...!!!!

atelier38 s.r.o.

Porážková 1424/20
Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
702 00
IČ: 25858343
DIČ: CZ25858343


Porážková 1424/20
702 00 Ostrava 1

Projection office


Architectural design of buildings

3D BIMx walk-through models of buildings

Architectural studies

Investment plans with SWOT analyses

Interior designs and projects


Urban studies

Land-use studies

Land use and urban development studies

Projects for the regeneration of brownfields

Civil engineering

Preparation of all levels of project documentation

Construction statements of quantities and construction budgeting

Projects of technical infrastructure

Performance of author's supervision

Tender for construction contractor - cooperation


Documentation of health engineering project

Projects of water and sanitation distribution systems

Project documentation of high and low current

Engineering services

Procurement of documents required for the issuance of all administrative procedures

Securing changes to issued building permits

Consultancy activities

Assistance in the selection of sites for construction

Definition of the construction programme

Verification of the project's compliance with the planning documentation

Advising on the preparation of the investment plan and basic construction requirements

We are an architectural and design firm that transformed in 2000 from the free association Atelier 38. During the time of our operation, Atelier38 has grown into a large group of architectural and construction professionals, thanks to which we are able to offer a wide portfolio of planning services. The characteristic of teamwork also brings with it the advantage of the collaboration of civil engineers on the project already at the study stage.

In addition to teamwork, our characteristic is also up-to-date information, continuous training and the development of modern trends in the field, including respect for environmental aspects. We are constantly cooperating with experts in the field of technical infrastructure design, technical security of buildings, structural engineering, etc. We are dedicated to the implementation of orders in conventional and alternative technologies


Residential buildings

of listed buildings


Industrial buildings

Civic buildings


Nové byty Ostrava s.r.o.

Liftcomp a.s.

Callidus trading spol. s.r.o.

ISA Consult s.r.o

Asental group

MORYS s.r.o.

Zlínstav a.s.

Bystroň Group a.s.

Sekyra Group a.s.

Ridera development

Moravskoslezský kraj

Statutární město Ostrava

Statutární město Opava

Město Bohumín

Město Krnov

Město Hlučín

Město Vítkov

Obec Háj ve Slezsku

Město Hradec nad Moravicí

Město Jeseník

Den Architektury

Obec architektů Ostrava

Česká komora architektů

Národní památkový ústav

VŠB - Technická univerzita Ostrava


Map of our projects

Social responsibility

It is in the very nature of our work that we continuously improve the human and social environment. Thus, we see it as a matter of course to engage in these activities outside of drawings and construction implementation.

ANIMA VIVA z.s. Opava

An organisation providing social services to people with disabilities, mental illness or intellectual disabilities.

FOR HELP s.r.o. Ostrava Poruba

An organisation helping people with autism through care, education and therapy with horses.

Klub Stonožka Ostrava

Association of Parents and Friends of Disabled Children in the Czech Republic z.s.

Centrum sociálních služeb Hrabyně

Residential social service providing support and assistance to citizens with reduced self-sufficiency.

Základní škola a Praktická škola, p.o.

primary school Opava

Nadace Charty 77 - Konto Bariéry

Konto Bariéry, the longest-running public collection in the Czech Republic, helps people with disabilities and organizations that care for them every day. Our goal is to give people with disabilities back to life.

Dětské centrum Čtyřlístek Opava

The mission of the Foster Care Centre is to help children who cannot live with their parents to find love, safety and security in a new family.

Zdravotní klaun o.p.s.

Health Clown is a charitable organization that has been helping especially pediatric, but also geriatric patients to go through the treatment process with a smile since 2001.

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