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Castle Bruntl

reconstruction of the historic roof truss

  • Civil engineering:  Luděk Valík

    Status:  project

    Project year: 2019

    Area:  2 350 m2

    Build-up volume: 9 600 m3

    Cost:   50 mil. Kč

    Client: Národní památkový ústav

The project aims to preserve and, if possible, even increase the current historical and cultural value of the Bruntál castle roof. In our work, we have devoted maximum effort to remediating the existing condition (disrepair of some profiles, leakage into the building or infestation of the roof truss by wood-destroying insects and fungi), but at the same time our aim was to restore the truss to its original character, We are therefore removing the unnecessary modifications made in the previous two centuries, and after consultation with the conservation board, we are unifying the roofing in the form of a second reconstruction of the castle - natural grey-black slate, and last but not least, we are also proposing the restoration of the existing, also period-typical plumbing elements of the building.

The current appearance of the castle is the result of five centuries of continuous development, during which the originally late Gothic castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance spirit, only to be subsequently rebuilt in the Baroque style. From the 19th century onwards, the castle's appearance and condition were only maintained. However, there has never been an extensive and high-quality reconstruction of the castle's roof, which is a valuable representation of a typical Czech Baroque roof with a sloping roof, which is also extended by a mansard construction of the centre accentuating the entrance in the central part of the south wing. The previous modifications have always been designed in a way that does not correspond to the character of the historic truss structure, thus undermining the historical value of the monument and making it look out of place, for this reason we consider it a temporary solution that must be replaced.

A separate chapter of the project is the construction of the clock tower, which is older and more valuable from the point of view of monument protection than the roof of the main building itself, unfortunately it is also the most damaged part of the whole building. All elements were therefore assessed individually and with the aim of preserving as much of the original material as possible. Repairs were therefore mainly carried out by replacement/replacement.

  • Building - technical survey: MARPO s.r.o.

    Building - historical survey: Mgr. Lucie Augustinková

    Construction design: MARPO s.r.o.

    Fice security + HSW: JPO služby s.r.o.

    PZTS: trade FIDES, a.s.

  • MS stavby

    Předmětem veřejné zakázky je výběr zhotovitele celkové revitalizace pláště nemovité národní kulturní památky „Zámek Bruntál“.
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