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Pavilon G

new building of the Ostrava National Theatre

The building is located at the Černá louka exhibition centre in Ostrava, it was built in the 1960s as one of the pavilions in the exhibition area, and its basic layout and distinctive shape correspond to this function.

Since the mid-1990s, the building has been used as a golf training hall. The location of the building is very advantageous for a new large rehearsal theatre with alternative theatre productions. It is located only 300 m from the main Masaryk Square, it is very accessible by public transport and by car, and it is within walking distance of two other NDM buildings - the Jiří Myron Theatre and the Antonín Dvořák Theatre, including the NDM operating building - the theatre's backstage.

The building is very artistic and by returning its cultural content it will become an iconic structure that will significantly revitalize the city centre, anchoring a point on the Black Meadow that has been losing its symbolism in recent years

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    Výstavní pavilon se změní na divadelní sál Národního divadla moravskoslezského

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