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Warish Masokombinát

meat products factory

  • Authors: Jan Zelinka, Tomáš Bindr

    Civil engineering: Luděk Valík

    Status: realisation

    Year: 2004

    Area: 128 m2

The form of the saw is adapted to the operation and content of the program.

Each element has its own purpose, content and language.

A bit of a different killing machine.

  • Photography: Roman Polášek

    LV engineering: Thermes spol.s r.o.

    Heat engineering: Thermes spol.s r.o.

    Health-ensurence engineering: Ing. Jiří Jurečka

    Traffic engineering: Ing. Stanislav Juchelka

    Noise study: Ing. Jaroslav Vrána, AVAP, Ostrava

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