Zámek Bruntál

Zámek Bruntál

Reconstruction of heritage buildings


Projection: Luděk Valík
Status: Project
Project Year: 2019
Size (HPP): 2 350 m2
Loaded space: 9 600 m3
Cost: CZK 50 million
Client: National Heritage Institute


The project envisages maximum preservation and, if possible, by increasing the current historical and cultural value of the roof truss in Bruntál. At work, we gave maximum efforts to redefine the current state (the emergency state of some profiles, leakage into the building or the truss infestation with wood decaying insects and mushrooms), but at the same time it was our effort to restore the roof truss, so we remove inappropriate modifications created in the previous two After consultations with the Heritage Council, we unify the roof covering into the form of the second reconstruction of the chateau-the natural gray-black slate last but not least, we also propose the reparation of existing, also the period-typical plumbing elements of the building.

The current appearance of the chateau is the result of five centuries of continuous development, during which the late Gothic castle was originally rebuilt into the Renaissance spirit so that it was subsequently rebuilt in Baroque. Since the 19th century, the form and condition of the castle has only been maintained. However, there has never been extensive and high -quality reconstruction of the roof of the chateau, which is a valuable representation of a typical Czech Baroque truss with oblique stool, which is also extended by the mansard design of the center accentuating the entry in the central part of the southern wing. The existing modifications have always been solved in such a way that they do not correspond to the character of the historical construction of the truss, thus breaking up the historical value of the monument and act inappropriate, for this reason we consider them a temporary solution that must be replaced.

A separate chapter of the project then consists of the construction of the clock towers, which is older and the pages of monument protection also more valuable than the roof of the main building itself, but unfortunately it is also the most damaged part of the whole building. All elements were thus assessed individually and with the aim of maintaining the maximum of the original material. The repairs were thus carried out primarily by replacement/prosthesis.

Construction - Technical survey: Marpo s.r.o.
Construction and historical survey: Mgr. Lucie Augustinková
Static proposal: Marpo s.r.o.
PBR + OSH: JPO services s.r.o.
PZTS: Trade Fides, a.s.

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