Zastávky Místecká

Zastávky Místecká

Public spaces

Reconstruction of stops and underpass

Authors: Tomáš Bindr, Pavel Malček
Status: Realization
Project Year: 2023
Area: 964 m2
Cost: 70 000 000 CZK


Transfer node of buses arriving on the highway from Frýdek Místek and tram connecting Hrabůvka with the center. Over 300 connections daily. Entrance gate to the city, semantic coat of arms of the place.

New stop shelters and furniture are dynamically inclined in the direction of movement of arriving means of transport. The shelters of the entrances to the underpass are sloping in the tendency of the staircase arms. Dynamics is supported by scenic lighting lines at dark. The underpass was shortened to two outputs and was remedied in construction and waterproofing, the wall and ceiling were equipped with a taaocov with "scars" of scenic lighting.

The shelters are located at the foot of the heap of Hrabůvka, which originated from the slag of blast furnaces of the Vítkovice Ironworks. At the age of 60, they patented weather -resistant steel with the trade name Atmofix. This is the fact that the material of used shelters, furniture and underpasses refers to this fact. Muraly with the theme "Best of Ostrava" consists of compositions of inscriptions collected from the Ostrava walls, which will be cleaned and symbolically transferred in their original places, concentrated in the underpass. The proposals were created and implemented by students of the University of Ostrava, the Faculty of Arts.

Supplier of steel structures: Martin Florek (MAF OVA s.r.o.)
Mural design: Zuzana Černocká led by Mgr. Tomáš Knoflíček (OU Faculty of Arts)
DSP + DPS: Ing. Ivan Holínka (Atelier Idea, spol. S.r.o.)
Designer Transport Construction: Ing. Radim Žvak
Statics: Ing. Ivan Holínka, Ing. Robin Kulhánek
Strádroudu designer: Mgr. Vlastimil Lacko
Designer Slabo Sturring: Ing. Pavel Vank
Fire safety solutions: Ing. Zuzana Heinz, authorized engineer - fire safety of buildings
Engineering activities: Mgr. Veronika Havličková
Authorized Person: Architectural and Construction Solution Ing. Ivan Holínka ČKAIT 1100136,
Authorized person: Transportations - Ing. Alena Hájková ČKAIT 1103181


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