Háj ve Slezsku

Háj ve Slezsku

Public spaces

revitalization of the village square

Author: Tomáš Bindr, Adéla Sanitráková (Spáčilová)
Status: project
Project year: 2020
Size (HPP): 7,421 m2
Estimated investment costs: CZK 28,730,150


The grove in Silesia still lacks a unified space in which public life could take place.

Our project solves this problem.

Instead of two functionally and visually separated spaces, we are creating a municipal center, which, thanks to its variation of inter-spaces, provides a scene for all the happenings of the municipality. Although, because of Antonín Vašek's communication, we maintain the division into the main, representative stone square and the more private Tree Square, both spaces function as the city center and complement each other, at the same time creating a smooth continuity of the public space up to Dohnálk's villa and the adjacent park. situations referring to the history of the village, reacting to the adjacent stream or the needs of the village. It goes without saying that the phasing of the project is proposed.

Urban project of the year

award of the Czech Association of Civil Engineers