Revitalization of J. A. Komenský Square

Revitalization of J. A. Komenský Square

Public spaces

architectural study of the revitalization of the square in the centre of Buršperk

Author: Adéla Spáčilová, Tomáš Bindr
Status: architectural study
Project year: 2023-2024


The square with a significant difference in height between the opposite street fronts lost the integrity of the space in the 1950s. Today, the dominant feature of the square is mostly parked cars in the middle of the square.
The main objective of the proposal is to restore the interconnection of the street fronts, homogenising the public space and promoting the commercial parterres of the houses. And also to put people before cars. The fundamental change is therefore the traffic solution within the square. The height difference between the two opposite street fronts will be solved by means of a levelling terrain staircase that will smoothly "sublimate" into the terrain. The staircase creates two levels, but they are interconnected – passable throughout the square.

Greenery: Ing. Petra Ličková – Garden and landscape design studio
Transport solution: Ing. Lenka Ščupáková, PROINK, s.r.o.
Water management: Ing. Lukáš Onderka – Atelier 38 s.r.o.
Electrical: Ing. Ondřej Pírek – Atelier 38 s.r.o.