Residential buildings

residential houses

Author: Tomáš Bindr, Petr Doležal
Projection: Radomír Pauler
Status: implementation
Project year: 2018
Size (HPP): 1104 m2


The border of two socio-ecotones.

A significant terrain depression between the development of family houses and the technology park of the VŠB campus...

Apartment buildings, we think, are a nice transitional element.

The ÚPD does not work with the concept of transition, it only knows sharp boundaries. And so, in the eyes of the concerned binding and active "authorizers", we become unwanted, suffering and only conditionally permissible in the area of family development. We keep the maximum height and slope of the attic roofs, the distances between each other per centimeter, the maximum built-up area per square meter per building and the total built-up area per square meter...

Photo: Roman Polášek Statics: Ing. Michal Janík, Statics Janík Heating: Ing. Lukáš Onderka, ATELIER 38 TZB: Ing. Lukáš Onderka, ATELIER 38 Gas: Ing. Martin Vavrica, Project 2010 PBŘ: Ing. Václav Galas, Ing. Petr Matejek Electro: Jarmila Mazurová VH objects: Ing. Iva Výtisková, Ing. Bernard Hajovský, Project 2010 Communication: Ing. Jan Ludvík, Project 2010

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